Personnel Requirement
In connection with our Catering Service, we assist you with hiring stand hostesses, daily fee: approximate € 130,00 and interpreters, daily fee: approx. € 170,00.

Orders of € 100,00 or more within Germany will be invoiced. For smaller amounts, payment is due upon delivery. Customers outside Germany pay by EC-Card or other international credit cards as we do not mail invoices outside of Germany.

Important Notices
Exhibitors at the Düsseldorf exhibition will be charged a flat delivery fee of € 20,00 valid for the duration of the fair.

Empties may be returned
Please note that all empty bottles and cans need to be retained and returned to the cases for pickup at the end of the fair. For those missing the cost of the deposit on bottles and cans will be charged.
We will be happy to refund a maximum of 5 unused cases.